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What's in the box?  

Hva er i boksen?  ماذا في الصندوق؟  Menene cikin akwatin?  箱の中は何ですか? X'hemm fil-kaxxa? מה יש בקופסא?  Co jest w pudełku?  ສິ່ງທີ່ຢູ່ໃນຫ້ອງນັ້ນ?  Cosa c'è nella scatola?  Apa yang ada dalam kotak? 박스에 뭐가 들어 있어요?  ¿Qué hay en la caja?  Kas yra dėžutėje?  Cad atá sa bhosca? Ano ang nasa kahon?  ಪೆಟ್ಟಿಗೆಯಲ್ಲಿ ಏನಿದೆ?  Kutuda ne var? बॉक्स में क्या है?

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Keyboard - - -

Movement - W, A, S, D

Interact - E/Left click

Pick up - Hold left mouse

Rotate objects - Hold right mouse

Object zoom - Mouse scroll wheel

Gamepad - - -

Movement - Thumb sticks

Interact - Right trigger press

Pick up - Hold right trigger

*Full gamepad support coming soon. . .

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Thanks for all the feedback and support! The post jam version has finally been added to the files below. We are working hard on getting this game funded and backed at the moment. There is definitely something inside the box and we look forward to sharing it with you in the future. Keep your eyes open for updates if you enjoyed the game. :)

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Game developed by TEAM NOMNOM  for the UE4 Summer GameJam 2018  under the theme "Well, that escalated quickly."

All assets are handmade with the exclusion of a handful of sounds obtained from getsoundly.com and various fonts taken from dafont.com

Special thanks to our friends who supplied us with phenomenal voice acting!

Feel free to follow us on Twitter here and here!

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
AuthorLast Hope of The Internet
GenreInteractive Fiction, Adventure
Made withUnreal Engine
TagsComedy, Funny, Point & Click, Singleplayer, Story Rich
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial


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I laughed, I sighed, I said "WTF?", what more could I ask for in a game?


loved watching this <3 thanks for playing and hope it made for good content 


I am guessing I will never know whats in the box. 

Its a fun short game with some wacky elements. I loved it. Your game is the 3rd one in the video. I gotta try out your other games now.

loved your playthrough haha! We're releasing new games very soon so there will be plenty more to play


Just a lillllll touch? D:
YOUTUBER: Maya, The Bubble E1

Hahahah, I enjoyed making burger 😂

Weird game, but here's my YouTube video on it. Oh look, slanted text! 😄

Still no updates? Tsk tsk tsk 


We have a right to know what's inside the box!! The audience is waiting, it's allmost October :P


Loved your little game <3


It's feburary now, do it.


we're working on it! We have a spinoff VR game that's coming out next week and then we're quitting our dayjobs to finish This Side Up ;)


I love it 

it's really funny 

does this have a graphics setting?


Really funny game! Defo would recommend to download!


Super cute & fun indie game. Honestly can't wait to see what's inside that box.


Such a weird and awesome game! Worth your time to give it a try!  

thanks so much for playing our game! Loved your reaction to cardboard being a communist haha


Mannn this game was hilarious! Very well done. Some minor glitches but that added to the comedic tone of the game. Thank you guys for sharing this game with us! Can't wait for the final product! Also, in case you want to see my take of it 


download doesn't work !!

Just checked the download, It's working on multiple machines and I couldn't see how it isn't working for some reason. Maybe try a different browser and see if that helps!


Ok so I took your advice and tried downloading the game in several different browsers until I got one that worked. So google chrome ,internet explorer and opera browser wouldnt work for some reason but it did work in my microsoft edge browser . So thankyou Ive been waiting to play this game since it came out and now i can ...YaY !! 

awesome! hope you enjoy :) We'll be coming out with a full version soon.


What's in the box? | This Side UP!

Thanks for playing our game! Loved the video


Super fun and crazy game. I'll for sure be coming back to play the finished or updated version. I want to know what's in the box!! (you did me dirty telling me I could open it then leaving me hanging like that! XD)

Couple side notes:

1: I apparently made such a man BLT my sandwich blew right throw my plate! XD

2: Cardboard the cats rocket ship feel through the floor half way, but luckily he still cleared the tower and made a safe trip to space!

Other then that awesome game!


haha thank you so much for the feedback weve never seen the sandwich fly through the plate like that before! but everything else has been noted were workin on absolving tons of bugs but we appreciate the notes! thank you so much for playin and enjoying we would really love to see you be back to see whats in the box!


You're welcome! It must of been the 3 strips of bacon. Just to much meat. XD Thanks and I'll be back for sure.


Hey guys.

I really enjoyed your game. It was wacky, random and made me smile. And +10 points for random Michael Jackson photo! However, while it's not a massive problem I don't know why you called it "This Side Up" when the name "What's In The Box" is way more obvious, in your face and remember-able. Just my 2 cents. 

I featured the game on my channel, I hope you do more in the future. OH and also the console is still active. I found your unfinished bathroom scene :D I didn't film it thought. 

AAAAA the console! thanks for reminding me haha


wow such fabulous features like SLICING TOMATOES


Of course I want to know what's in the box!

If you want to check out a funny video on the demo here is a link. The devs enjoyed it I hope you will to


Played it ~ I trashed the house so much hahaha figured the how to make stuff through like just jamming them together, fun game ~  you should probably include the Press "E" to interact with cabinets though, If I didn't accidentally press E instead of W I wouldn't have figured out I could open stuff. Gonna Follow you now ~

Hey YIn! Thank you so much for the support we appreciate it a ton! <3 Thank you for the feedback as well, we've recently finished a post-jam version that indicates when an object is interactive. We also got right of the pressing E and just made everything left click to interact, right click to rotate. I'll be sure to let you know when we put out the new build (After the voting for the jam is over) so you can try it out! thanks so much again. -Fasefasefase


Too confusing, sadly :/ I was really settling in because of how polished it feels, the humor and graphics. The parts I got stuck at were: figuring out i had to put the disc in the DVD player ("find something to stop the FBI" made me assume i needed a sword or something.) I couldn't find any bread to make the sandwich, so I stopped there. If the goals were made more clear I would've really enjoyed this game.

Hey Hawk! Thank you so much for the compliments and the criticism. We had hit a wall in our five day game jam, and we weren't able to add quality of life type changes into the build. However, we are just about done with a post-jam update that adds a lot more smoothness to the experience. When we upload it tomorrow, we'd love a follow up on what you think again! 


I played it again, but I don't think you've pushed out an update yet. I learned how to open the cabinets, so i was able to progress this time lol. I love the humor, the 10 Minute Power Hour reference, and the mood. The instructions should be way more clear, or you should be hinted in the right direction. I spent a fair amount of time confused, but overall a nice game. Especially for a jam. I'd like to see a more well fleshed out version :)



you didn't play through the whole thing?? you have to leave the box for a couple seconds after moving it to continue!


What's inside the box? P.S. nice Game Grumps reference


This is a cute little game with silly voice acting, but the biggest question on my mind is "What's in the box?!". Very nicely done!


Really good game. Ran well and sounded like you had fun making the voices for it. Be nice to add a few more rooms and tasks before finally opening the box if you decide to carry on with it after the jam. Overall tho an excellent game. Well done... :)


I am enjoy box, thank. Fun box time, I am now box. Also rocket cat, where he go? Follow up on the rocket cat please. I hope hes ok. 





WHAT'S IN THE GOD DAMN BOX! So much fun and very creative! Definitely a well thought out game with tons of fun involved!